Galeria Młociny

Maxi Zoo in Galeria Młociny


The best products for our pets – a pooch, a cat, a parrot, a hamster or any other animal friend – will soon be available in a new Maxi Zoo store which is to be opened in Galeria Młociny by EPP and Echo Investment in Warsaw’s Bielany district.


Friendship and gratitude cannot be bought. That is why Maxi Zoo does not sell animals but it focuses on their protection and well-being. More than 6,000 products are available in the stores of this popular brand, for which our pets will certainly repay with a happy wagging tail, purring, chirping and many other ways.

“Galeria Młociny will be the heart of Bielany, a place responding to our and our loved ones’ needs. Pets are often the best friends. We will create a really good pet store there with them in mind. Maxi Zoo is the next step on the way to reaching our goal, which is the opening of Galeria Młociny with a 100% rental rate. At Echo Investment we have an experienced team, thanks to which we have been opening new malls and shopping centres fully leased. We can already boast that over 75% of the area of ​​Galeria Młociny is leased,” says Michał Banasik, a senior leasing manager at Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

“We are pleased that another well-known and popular with customers brand has joined the group of tenants of Galeria Młociny. Nearly a year before the opening of the project we can assure you that everyone will be able to find something for themselves there. It is extremely important for us as the future facility manager,” says Marek Gładki, the head of leasing and asset management at EPP.

Maxi Zoo belongs to the German group Fressnapf, a European tycoon in the industry, with annual turnover of EUR 1.85 bln. Fressnapf currently has stores in twelve European countries, of which the Polish as well as French and German markets are its priority in terms of expansion.

Galeria Młociny is a new, mixed-use centre of Bielany. The place will combine 220 favourite shops and service outlets, comfortable offices, a medical centre, playgrounds, a fitness club, restaurants and cafes, a trampoline park and the first multiplex cinema in the district within a friendly and green area.

Galeria Młociny is distinguished by an innovative approach in the design of meeting places, entertainment and gastronomy. Its restaurant and entertainment space, which occupies the entire +2 floor and is connected with the green roof garden, has been divided into various functional zones. Architects from the renowned Broadway Malyan studio transferred the atmosphere of cosy cafes, street-food and eating out as well as outdoor dining among greenery to Warsaw’s Bielany district. This is the first concept of its kind in Poland.

The mall is being developed right next to the Młociny hub – one of the places with the best transport links in Warsaw, with direct access to the underground, numerous tram lines and bus routes, suburban and national buses, a bicycle station and a P&R car park. It is the most important transfer location for the northern part of the city and satellite towns and it is used by over 24 mln passengers every year.

More than a year before its opening 75% of Galeria Młociny is already leased.

Investors of Galeria Młociny are: Echo Investment (30 pct stake) and EPP (70 pct stake). The former company is fully responsible for the development process and the leasing of the project and the latter one will manage the complex.

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