Galeria Młociny’s new look at the Shopping Center Forum 2017


Visitors to the autumn SCF 2017 will have their first glimpse of the new concept of the modern shopping and entertainment complex, combined with spacious office facilities, that will be located right next to Młociny underground station. Galeria Młociny's exhibition stand has been designed based on the new visual and marketing identification of the project.

Galeria Młociny anew – as we often refer to this project – is a truly unique investment. With an outstanding location in the whole of Warsaw, so reflective of the surrounding area, as well as the responding to the needs of the inhabitants of Bielan and beyond. Pleasant, green and open, with an impressive list of shops, and a completely new approach to the dining zone and entertainment. It was these differentiators, together with the logo inspired shapes and colours, that were the inspiration for the design work of the stand. The area at the stand, which naturally links to the Galeria Młociny investment, combines appealing design and functionality, with a comfortable area set-aside for discussions and meetings at the exhibition, and at the end of the day, is simply a nice and friendly space. What’s more, if today someone was to try and make a second “first impression”, then the Galeria Młociny anew stand at the exhibition, is a perfect example of that. – says Katarzyna Porębska, Echo Investment’s marketing manager.

Recipe for an ideal meeting place

The key elements of the Galeria Młociny stand are the tables – symbolizing a meeting – made up from logotype inspired shapes. What is special, is that the tables differ not only in shape, but also in size and height, so that you can discuss at a table with a much wider audience, say 6-8 people, or in a more intimate group of say 2 people. In addition, our designers made sure, that each table has access to a USB socket, in order to charge portable devices.

The designers of the project, add that the design of the stand is based on a modular system created in such a way that it is easy to use its components and therefore minimize the amount of waste and unused materials after the exhibition.

A very interesting solution on Stand 35, is the skilful inclusion of the shapes and colours of the Galeria Młociny logo, into all of the elements of the stand, including the café and bar area. In conjunction, with the greenery on the stand everything forms an interesting puzzle. The use of light-weight screens, has added a visually pleasing dimension of depth to the whole stand.

Shopping Center Forum is the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe primarily aimed at those involved in the shopping centre industry.

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