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The biggest advantage of Galeria Młociny that had a key impact upon the decision to purchase the development, the positive changes that will improve the comfort and positioning of the first of its kind complex in that part of Warsaw, and also about creating places that change entire parts of cities for people to spend their free-time, shopping and working – Wojciech Wojnowski ( talks to Szymon Mińczuk, Echo Investment's Regional Leasing Director.

Wojciech Wojnowski, If you were to single-out one advantage of Galeria Młociny, which significantly influenced the decision of the largest Polish developer to buy a development that was already under construction, what would it be?

Szymon Mińczuk, Echo Investment: Of course the location. It always plays a vital role, especially for commercial investments. However, in this particular case, the actual location is absolutely unique. No previous project in Poland can boast of collision-free and traffic-free road infrastructure, as well as direct access to the underground, tram lines, buses and even bicycle paths. Also important was the low saturation of a retail proposal in Bielany and neighboring Żoliborz and Bemowo. For comparison, the first two districts have a saturated retail space not exceeding 500 sq.m. GLA per capita, meanwhile downtown, it is already over 3,000 sq.m. Bielany is one of the most popular residential locations in the capital. The district combines the charms of urban life with the unique climate of the banks of the Vistula River and the most beautiful green areas of Warsaw. Little wonder that it is eagerly chosen by young people and their families. If to this, we add ease of mobility and connectivity with all parts of the city, via the transportation network, we have an ideal place for such an investment as Galeria Młociny.

The building is already under construction, but as far as we can gather, Echo is also carrying out further design work.

For the time being, we are at the underground parking level, but for sure will quickly rise higher. At the same time, we are still working on the architecture and plans of the project, focusing mainly on the interior, but also working on the elevations. These are not only aesthetic changes, but the result of the principle we have adopted, that Echo builds modern, comfortable, multifunctional spaces that naturally fit into the local urban fabric, responding to the real needs of residents and users. Just friendly places for people.

What changes will Echo make to the development ?

The project itself was developed in partnership with reputable architects, but from that moment, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and some trends have changed, following as they do, new consumer needs and wants. Gastronomy plays a very important role. People are increasingly making use of restaurants, and are now more likely to dine out. It’s both a matter of trends and the way of life that a large city imposes. That is why one of the key changes that we are introducing to Galeria Młociny will be a completely redesigned restaurant area, adapted for business lunches as well as pleasant dinners or long meetings with friends or family. This is no longer a typical food court / cafeteria setting, but thoughtful arrangement and tasteful interior. This space I would rather see called a food-hall because it will be inspired by the world’s best food trends. Open, modernly designed dining areas with cuisines of all tastes, are vibrant meeting points. We want to create such an atmosphere at Galeria Młociny. We are still working on the idea of how to re-arrange this zone, but now we know, that thanks to the vast and spacious glazing, that it will be open and airy, with relaxing terraces overlooking the city skyline and the nearby greenery.

Are the roof terraces the only “green” places at Galeria Młociny?

For sure, not the only, but probably the most spectacular, due to the size of the terraces and beautiful views. Equally interesting will be the patio on the ground floor, located along the eastern façade, surrounded by the neighboring greenery that we intend remodel. We intend to create an atmosphere that is ideal for spending a sunny morning with a coffee or lazy afternoons with friends. The patio will be connected to the café. Greenery will also be in abundance inside the complex, as well as on the main square and outdoor balconies on the first floor.

We know roughly how the building will look from the outside, but what about the interiors ?

Our team of architects is just finalising the work on the interior concepts, and we will soon be in a position to say and show more. At this stage however, I can assure you that we are committed to a modern and friendly atmosphere. There will be plenty of space, light, greenery, as well as interesting architectural solutions, such as a fully glazed, two-tiered circular pavilion designed for popular cafés. On the upper floor, it will be bridged by external balconies. We have paid a lot of attention to improve the visibility of out tenants. So, tall, double-width windows on the new Fashion Avenue, on the first level, clearly visible from other parts of the centre. This will for sure make a huge impression, and will most likely appeal to our trendier tenants. In the eastern part, there will be a spacious square dedicated to recreation and entertainment, combined with an outdoor patio overlooking the green park.

In its projects, Echo often stresses the importance of comfort and mobility solutions. What improvements can we expect to this development?

The overall comfort of future users is a top priority for us. Galeria Młociny is no exception to this principle. We have made significant changes to the car park, making it safer, more intuitive and easier to get around. We have optimized the slope of the ramps, provided separate entrances for cyclists and motorcyclists, partitioned the parking spaces into family zones, as well as providing for those working in the offices. We have also improved access in-between levels by changing the location of the escalators. Echo’s design mandate, is also to provide all users with collision-free and stress-free access to the facility, hence the additional roads.

At Echo, you are responsible for, amongst others. the commercialization of Galeria Młociny. What can we expect when it comes to the tenant-mix of this development?

This is a very interesting project from the point of view of the complexity of the offer, as well as many of the features it will have. In this sector, Galeria Młociny stands out on the market – mainly thanks to great fashion brands, such as Van Graaf or the complete presence of the Inditex group. That’s 75,000 sq.m. of rental space.

Aside from the large selection of fashion stores, we attach great importance to the food offer. We aim to have up to 50 places, situated mainly on the top floor but also in other parts of the complex. There will be restaurants, cafés, bars or quick-snack zones. We also envisage, that there will be plenty of entertainment and cultural events. We will open the first cinema in Bielany, with complete state-of- the- art audiovisual solutions, that will take the film-going experience to another dimension. A two-tiered fitness club, as well as a trampoline park are also planned. The latter will be on the roof, in a glassed building overlooking the green. We have also not forgotten about our youngest visitors, and learn & play, and children’s play areas will be available. Professional services provided will include a medical centre. In addition, 6,000. sq.m. of comfortable and modern office space will be available in two buildings.

Galeria Młociny is set to open in March 2019. How is the commercialization process going ?

We have met with very positive comments on the development among tenants. Until now, we have rented 60% of the available space, and list of future tenants is long. I’ll share with you some of the key ones. Fashion: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho, H&M, CCC, C&A. The supermarket will be run by Intermarche. The cinema and fitness club owners are also confirmed. Currently, we are focusing our efforts of tenants for the the food-hall, as well as on new fashion brands that we would like to invite. I will also add that many tenants who have already signed an agreement with us have requested an increase of available space in their premises. This is great news, which simply confirms the huge potential of this development.

Will the Młociny project be present at the September edition of the Shopping Centre Forum?

Yes of course and we cordially invite everyone interested, to pay a visit to our stand, which will be dedicated to the presentation of this development.

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