Galeria Młociny

Future Store Empik to open at Galeria Młociny


One of the most recognisable Polish brands could not be absent from the shopping and entertainment complex being developed in Warsaw's Bielany. Empik will open a nearly 380 sqm store designed in the Future Store format. It will be a friendly space – featured by clear navigation and a very good presentation of products on modern and functional furniture. The store will also be full of interactive solutions that make shopping simple and enjoyable. The opening of Galeria Młociny, which is already nearly 90%, leased is planned this spring.

“Future Store is a huge step forward for the brand with great traditions and a rich, over seventy-year history. The new store full of innovative solutions, equipped with specially designed furniture, plain arrangement of the space and a new checkout counter system will surely attract fans of books, music lovers and hunters for the most interesting concerts and other events to Bielany. Empik in Galeria Młociny will be a spot where it’s fun, and you can spend your free time creatively” emphasizes Marcin Kopczyk, Echo Investment’s Senior Leasing Manager at Shopping Centres the Department.

The new store in Młociny will be one of a dozen or so Future Stores opened by Empik next year. The concept of a new store was developed in cooperation with the agency 20-20 from London. Its portfolio includes projects for, among others, foreign chains MotherCare, Stefl, Nissan and Smyk from Poland. Designers were also responsible for arrangement of business boxes at Manchester City and Liverpool FC stadiums.

Empik of the future invites

The latest store in the capital will stand out with clear navigation, instinctive arrangement of individual departments and product display system – so that you can find everything faster. The list of amenities also includes touch screens, where you can find a book you are looking for, a game or a CD, read their description, and finally display a bookshelf on which they are located on a store map. The new store will also be equipped with large multimedia screens, where the latest news from the world of culture regarding premier books and music will be presented.

“The opening of this new store in one of the most modern and most significant shopping and entertainment complexes in Warsaw will be a big thing for us. In spring, we will invite city dwellers to the store developed on the basis of the Future Store format. This store, with all interactive amenities, will also allow us to use the full potential of e-commerce in a full-time brick and mortar store and fully carry out the idea of ​​omnichannel” adds Urszula Sekuła, Property Director at Empik.

On spacious shelves in addition to books, music, films, multimedia games, newspapers, residents of Bielany will also find a large selection of board games, educational toys, stationery and creative items. At Empik Bilety, you can buy tickets for various events throughout the country. Empik is also known for noteworthy interior design, in which it uses functional and comfortable furniture, as well as soft colours. This combination is to provide a friendly atmosphere.

Visiting a store is a pleasure for customers of Empik and a nice way to spend free time. Empik helps in discovering and following passions and interests – not only in reading or music, but also from DIY (Do It Yourself).

“We thing about Galeria Młociny in the similar way, the complex is an unprecedented combination of entertainment, cultural and sports offers and a unique food corner combined with a green garden, what will provide many different opportunities for spending your free time” adds Urszula Sekuła, Property Director at Empik.

Empik is one of the best-known Polish brands, which has been on the market for over 70 years. As one of the few stores operates on a multi-channel basis through a chain of brick and mortar stores (over 250), an online store – one of the largest in Poland and has been operating for 20 years and a mobile application, and inspires to share joy and passion with others. As one of the strongest Polish brands, Empik reaches global trends and expectations of millions of consumers. From 2012, the Empik Group belongs to the Penta Investment fund portfolio.

New, mixed-use centre of Bielany

The place will combine 220 favourite stores and service outlets, comfortable offices, a medical centre, playgrounds, a fitness club, restaurants and cafes, a trampoline park and the first multiplex cinema in the district within a friendly and green area.

Galeria Młociny is distinguished by an innovative approach in the design of meeting places, entertainment and gastronomy. Its restaurant and entertainment space, which occupies the entire +2 floor and is connected with the green roof garden, has been divided into various functional zones. Architects from the renowned Broadway Malyan studio transferred the atmosphere of cosy cafes, street-food and eating out as well as outdoor dining among greenery to Warsaw’s Bielany district. This is the first concept of its kind in Poland.

Galeria Młociny is being developed right next to Młociny hub – one of the places with the best transport links in Warsaw, with direct access to the underground, numerous tram lines and bus routes, suburban and national buses, a bicycle station and a P&R car park. It is the most important transfer location for the northern part of the city and satellite towns and it is used by over 24 mln passengers every year. Investors of Galeria Młociny are: EPP (70 pct shares) and Echo Investment (30 pct shares). The former company will manage the newly-opened complex. The latter one is fully responsible for the development and lease process.

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