Galeria Młociny

Flying Tiger in Galeria Młociny


Flying Tiger Copenhagen – an international chain of shops from Denmark, which offers products related to fun, creativity and activity, joined Galeria Młociny where it will open a 225 sqm store.

Stores of the Danish chain are a place full of fun, surprises and colourful products including things perfect for a party, elements of home decorations, toys for children, gadgets or gifts. Many of these products are recognized and awarded projects, and all of them have been produced in accordance with standards of ethics, environmental protection and society.

“Our stores are full of cheerful colours and products that you will not find anywhere else. They are meant to inspire, surprise and make us happy. We are distinguished by modern design and solid Danish origin of our products. All this makes our brand so popular and well liked. That is why we are opening more and more stores, always in thought-out locations and interesting buildings. Our latest choice is Galeria Młociny in Warsaw, where we are going to open a colourful and always joyful store,” says Igor Kostenyuk, the country manager of the entire chain in Poland.

“Great design, a sense of humour, unique design, lots of colours and fun – this is what we like Flying Tiger Copenhagen for. This is our second project which was appreciated by the Danish brand, the first one being Galeria Libero in Katowice. We invite you to shop in Bielany starting from the spring of 2019,” says Karolina Prędota-Krystek, a senior leasing manager in Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is an international chain which currently comprises 893 stores in 30 countries in Europe and Asia, as well as in the United States. Established in 1995 in Copenhagen the company currently employs over 4,500 people.

Galeria Młociny is a new, mixed-use centre of Bielany. The place will combine 220 favourite shops and service outlets, comfortable offices, a medical centre, playgrounds, a fitness club, restaurants and cafes, a trampoline park and the first multiplex cinema in the district within a friendly and green area.

Galeria Młociny is distinguished by an innovative approach in the design of meeting places, entertainment and gastronomy. Its restaurant and entertainment space, which occupies the entire +2 floor and is connected with the green roof garden, has been divided into various functional zones. Architects from the renowned Broadway Malyan studio transferred the atmosphere of cosy cafes, street-food and eating out as well as outdoor dining among greenery to Warsaw’s Bielany district. This is the first concept of its kind in Poland.

The mall is being developed right next to the Młociny hub – one of the places with the best transport links in Warsaw, with direct access to the underground, numerous tram lines and bus routes, suburban and national buses, a bicycle station and a P&R car park. It is the most important transfer location for the northern part of the city and satellite towns and it is used by over 24 mln passengers every year.

More than a year before its opening 75% of Galeria Młociny is already leased.

Investors of Galeria Młociny are: Echo Investment (30 pct stake) and EPP (70 pct stake). The former company is fully responsible for the development process and the leasing of the project and the latter one will manage the complex.

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