Galeria Młociny

Brodway Malyan to design food and entertainment court of Galeria Młociny


The Warsaw-based studio of the Brodway Malyan international architectural studio won a competition concerning a design of the gastronomy and entertainment area in Galeria Młociny. The analysis of its potential and functions was supported by JLL experts specializing in the Food&Beverage field.

The competition organized by the developer of the project, Echo Investment, was attended by three renowned studios. The opening of Galeria Młociny with the most interesting entertainment and culinary offer is planned for the spring of 2019.

Assumptions of the competition

Modern and multifunctional Galeria Młociny is being developed directly next to the transport hub in Warsaw’s Młociny district, it is characterized by a completely new approach to the design of meeting, entertainment, gastronomy and recreational areas, including sports areas. Echo Investment invited three leading studios, which are very familiar with global trends related to retail and city projects as well as the arrangement of public and green areas, to develop the concept of the food court.

“We create an area which will have a natural appeal, which you will want to visit and spend time in. Galeria Młociny will create favourable conditions for various interactions: meeting family and friends, new flavours and culinary experiences, culture and interesting events, sport and outdoor activities. The victorious design of Brodway Malyan will contribute a new quality to the area and it will have a positive impact on its perception. The area arranged by architects will make it possible to utilize the potential of the place, which has some of the best transport links in the capital city and is used by over 24 mln passengers per year,” says Szymon Mińczuk, regional leasing director at Echo Investment, who is responsible for Galeria Młociny.

The competition task involved the presentation of a coherent architectural concept of the food and entertainment court, including the possibility using the green roof garden and organizing various events throughout the year. The landscaping was also an important element as well as providing optimal use of the natural light, the development of an intuitive and friendly layout of passageways and a coherent concept of shop window arrangement to be presented to future tenants.

The developer was supported by JLL experts from the company’s office in Warsaw and London. They analysed the area not only in terms of the number of seats or types of tenants that will correspond best to the concept and represent various types of gastronomy, but also with reference to the planning and management of additional events and attractions which will take place there. They will be an additional magnet that will attract people to Galeria Młociny.

“In the changing real estate world it is difficult to find universal tools. We live in the era of testing various solutions and creating new concepts. It also concerns the gastronomy and entertainment functions in retail facilities. It is high time to replace the traditional approach with the design of experiences and the presence, based on better understanding of people, their habits, the communities they function in as well as their true aspirations and favourite ways of spending free time,” says Ian Hanlon, Director, Foodservie Consulting, JLL.

Victorious concept of Broadway Malyan: We focused on experiences

“The concept of a food court which we suggested in Galeria Młociny is a design of a place with character, which you will frequent and will want to come back to. We tried to replicate the atmosphere of a meal eaten outdoors among greenery, casual eating in town, cosy cafes, street art and live cooking. Our concept also alludes to Bielany – a district of Warsaw which is associated with greenery, a place of rest and relaxation but also the location of Warsaw Steelworks. Interpenetrating areas, a lot of light, greenery and air as well as forms and furniture with character play the main role in each of the functional areas. The casual and friendly atmosphere of the food court will smoothly transform into a unique roof garden including a wooden terrace, a small stage, cafes and some areas earmarked for rest and having fun as well as a green park featuring lush vegetation and a viewing point. It will be a place where nature and the city meet in harmony,” comments Robert Kamiński from Broadway Malyan.

The project focuses on unique experiences: meetings with friend and having meals together, but a dozen or so meters above ground. In a restaurant with tables located in unique wooden capsules which will be suspended right under the roof and the shape of which will allude to the architecture of the facility. This is the assumption regarding the central part of the restaurant and entertainment concept of Galeria Młociny. Another area was arranged in a street-like way and it includes street food: a subdued atmosphere as well as cosy and friendly lighting surrounded by plants.

“The victorious concept is the best in terms of reflecting the character of the area which will be alive at various times of the day, at weekends and on weekdays. It is worth emphasizing that designers did not forget about office staff who will be able to freely use the area for business meetings as well as after work,” emphasizes Szymon Mińczuk.

In the central part designers from Broadway Malyan created a multifunctional, easy to rearrange area of a gastronomy street featuring food trucks and a square which will include an area earmarked for culinary events, pop-up concepts and amateur shows. Thanks to such a solution the regular gastronomy offer of Galeria Młociny will be complemented all year round by original events such as live cooking, shows, tastings, promotions of new products and meetings with celebrity chefs.

The roof garden and terrace, Dechy na Bielanach, will be a unique place in Galeria Młociny. It will be place for meetings, relaxation and fun. In the victorious concept the garden acquired a very clear linear layout. It will be located along the waking path which organizes pedestrian traffic in this zone and smoothly moves indoors leading visitors along the gastronomy street. Numerous attractions have been planned – squares and play areas, vegetable gardens, picnic areas and cafes hidden among plants. A viewing point which will make it possible to admire the green Bielany area will be an interesting element of the project.

“The concept of the food and entertainment court in Galeria Młociny is perfectly in line with the latest global trends. It is worth emphasizing that the developer and designer managed to look at the functionality of the area in a much wider perspective, as a result of which in a dozen or so months we will be able to use an interestingly designed area with a natural appeal resulting from various types of gastronomy, entertainment and ways of spending free time. It is of key importance from the point of view of future tenants, being part of such a well thought out place they will use the synergy effect regardless of the scale and format of their operations,” adds Ian Hanlon.

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