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Bielany to become one of the most modern places in Warsaw


Barely a decade ago, it was absolutely unthinkable that one would visit a shopping centre to meet up with one's family for a delicious dinner, or to be with friends for breakfast or lunch at a trendy eatery. Not many envisaged that in shopping centres, there would be a common space from which to work from, whilst sipping a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. However, an increasingly demanding and richer society, has prompted developers re-think, and to design new, expressive and lively restaurant and entertainment zones. Consequently, these become key factors of commercial real estate. It is no different in Galeria Młociny's case.

Delicious food – and that roof-garden!

Consumer expectations are changing at a bewildering pace, and shopping centres are innovating in order to keep in-step with these needs. The most visible changes relate to restaurant zones, entertainment areas and the newly emerging roof-gardens and terraces. The well-known and liked food courts are undergoing an evolution. More often than not, cutting-edge refurbishments are coupled with a much extended commercial proposal, thus releasing a totally new potential of such places. This new attractiveness draws consumers, and keeps them at the centre longer. This is even more true today, when they have to compete with the latest generation zones. One such zone is currently being built at Galeria Młociny. It will be friendly and exceptionally well-lit by natural sunlight. On the one-hand it will relate to Bielany’s history, while one the other, reflecting today’s local contexts.  Szymon Mińczuk, Echo Investment’s Regional Leasing Director, and in-charge of Galeria Młociny’s commercialization,  emphasizes that a unique realization on a national scale will be the roof-garden on the uppermost level, closely linked to the restaurant zone, occupying several thousand square metres overall. A place where one will be able to order delicious food from one of five eateries, with table service available in the garden. Furthermore, a trampoline park, a climbing wall, and a footpath wending its way through greenery and interesting architecture, will simply add to its uniqueness.

In the eateries section, aside from variations on the burger theme, tacos, falafels or vegan food, it will be possible to pop-out for a drink on the spot – known today as social-drinking. A “multi-tap” is also envisioned, serving a wide variety of cocktails and beers, even craft ones. The whole concept is very clearly derived from the popular street food culture and from the capital’s catering halls – Hala Koszyki and Hala Gwardii which opened last year. On the other hand, from an architectural perspective, it is not difficult to come across such urban solutions, in Bielany and in the neighbouring mill investment, are such prime examples. The latter becoming a very strong inspiration for the new space in the Hutnik zone.

The investor and developer of the project emphasizes that in the spring of next year, in Bielany, Galeria Młociny will become the informal epicentre of this part of the city. A place from which one will get real pleasure of being at, and to which one will want to return.

The younger sister of Hala Koszyki and Hala Gwardii

A novelty in the Broadway Malyan concept is Hala Hutnik. Benchmarks of some functions and solutions were drawn from popular Polish and European market and restaurant halls. Particularly noteworthy is the architectural side of the project with references to the characteristic, industrial elements adjacent to the Huta Warszawa complex. According to the architects, the overall atmosphere  will in the main be generated by the people and future tenants, but to help them in all of this, containers, copper elements, trusses and beams, solid wood tables and benches, a concrete floor and industrial lighting will at least guide them.

The overall project reflects the trend of an industrial atmosphere. These have become very fashionable in recent years. Just as it is fashionable to maximize the potential of greenery and shrubbery, which in Hala Hutnik and other parts of the area – not to mention the roof-garden – will be in abundance. Undoubtedly the advantage of this part of the centre will be the areas with common spaces, which will enable the food proposals to be enjoyed by a much wider and larger group of friends.

“We will do everything to ensure that all of the residents of this part of the city wait expectantly for the opening of the restaurant area and Hala Hutnik. This will be the first such place in a shopping complex, where under the same roof different culinary worlds will meet with entertainment and culture. The roof-garden has cost us a tremendous amount of work and effort, as we wanted to create a great place with interesting attractions and architecture. A space that truly lives all-year round and is inseparably intertwined with the restaurant zone. We have never hidden that our ambition is to create a place where Bielany’s culinary and social life will take place, both during the day and in the evenings. A place where you will be able to meet someone you know”. – says Szymon Mińczuk.

The Merry-go-round and the Bielan “boards”

As part of the conceptual work on the zone design, it was important to combine three important architectural and investor elements – apart from the local history, it was also important to capture the local Bielany specificity and to also emphasize the role of greenery in the project. The resultant work is such that in a few months visitors to Galeria Młociny – aside from Huta Hutnik – will be able to meet in places inspired by amongst others the Bielan Merry-go-round, Bielan dances – commonly referred to as Bielan “boards”.

“The Merry-go-round” – as the family zone is commonly referred to – was planned mainly with a view to leisurely spending free time and picnicking. It is assumed, that it will be a place where restaurants will play the lead roles. What is important however, and in-line with the look and feel of premises located in large city streets, some of the tables will be placed outside, creating small gardenesque enclaves. A key element will be the direct access to the children’s play areas. As part of “Merry-go-round”, the designers have also planned ‘event squares’ to host various cultural events.

Last but not least of the three components of the Młociny restaurant and entertainment complex will be a space inspired by fun, dance, meetings and a relaxed atmosphere. In a word, Bielany “On-the-boards”. It was the designer’s intention to cater primarily for young people, pupils and students of nearby schools and colleges. In the spring of 2019, the second floor will be fitted out with solid wooden stairs, furniture made out of wooden pallets, couches more usually associated with American films, retro couches and car seats. Broadway Malyan designers using proven designs, have also proposed common tables, where a guy or gal with a laptop surrounded by people does not feel alone, as a sense of community is to prevail at Galeria Młociny. To many, a big surprise, and at the same time the showcase of this area will be the original food trucks.

Culinary freedom of  choice also at Libero

At the end of November – some nine months before the planned opening – the complete  list of culinary partners was announced by Libero, the second shopping centre complex currently under construction by Echo Investment. Tomasz Domoń, Regional Leasing Director, points out that from the outset, the close to 20% participation of catering and entertainment at the Katowice investment, was one of the most important assumptions of the project. Libero has to meet different needs and provide new experiences, as well as culinary ones. Therefore, the thinking regarding the zone with different food and entertainment aspects will be suitable for long meetings with friends and family, or intimate dinners, but also for business lunches.

A very good fit of the concept to the expectations of tenants and future guests is the explanation given of the massive interest in Libero, by leading food brands, local restaurateurs and the record-setting pace of commercialization. The developer foresees, that in six months,  the food-zone and Libero will become the go-to place of choice for the inhabitants of south Katowice, and they will be delighted by the décor and unusual atmosphere. One of the centre’s hallmarks will be a terrace adjacent to the restaurant zone, with comfortable furniture, making it perfect for outdoor meals.

The list of the most eagerly awaited zones at Libero includes the first of its kind in Katowice Pizza Hut restaurant as a dine-in format. With an open kitchen, waiter service and a stone pizza oven, making thin base pizza’s. Pizza MK Bowling will be waiting for pizza lovers, for bowling but above all having fun. A 10-lane bowling alley with a restaurant, a cosy pub and a section where events and concerts can take place will occupy 1,400 sq m. The premises, that have a chance to rank as one of the favourite places in Silesia, will belong to Poland’s football player Arek Milik, a true first as a sports & social club. The totally original Food & Ball concept will be combined with a 100-metre terrace. “[…] this is to be a place where people feel at home, meet with friends to spend some time together and to share their passion for sport” – said Milik in one of his interviews, who on a day-to-day basis plays for the Italian club Napoli.

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